Amusement - Comedy

An adult trust fund baby lives a childlike existence in a seaside resort town, visiting the local theme park every single day.


Quitters - Comedy

A married couple, burnt out by career stress, decide to return to their college town and live like students again in an effort to find true happiness.

Adventure Sisters - Comedy

In trying to understand the curious death of a childhood friend, three women return to their hometown and stumble upon a much larger mystery.

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Ruthie - Comedy

A young Jewish widow accompanies her acutely irritating Christian mother-in-law on a thousand-mile road trip to her new retirement home in Florida.

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Tiki - Adventure

On a search for rare tropical birds for the San Francisco Zoological Society, an ornithologist takes advantage of a brand new flight to Hawaii in 1954, where he discovers a lot more than wildlife.

Take the Day - Drama

In a seemingly chance encounter, exes with powerful chemistry meet in a layover city and decide to spend one more day together. There are only two rules; they can’t talk about the past and they must part ways at midnight.

WGA & LOC Registered

Little Carmen - Dramedy

To cope with an overbearing stage mother, classmates who hate her, and an impending talent show, a nerdy elementary school student must turn to her imaginary friend, Carmen Miranda. (You can read the script by clicking on the title.)


Frank Hates Parties - Comedy

In this sequel to the short film Ellie Loves Frank, Ellie and Frank attempt to resume regular life by attending a Halloween party. And this time, they brought a friend. (You can read the script by clicking on the title.)

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