Want to get published?
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This free guide is for the brand new writer. Go ahead...feel optimistic. This is not a doom and gloom, "Get off my lawn!" guide. This is a, "You can do it, but here's what it takes," philosophy. 

Miss writing?
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"I used to be a writer." Maybe you wrote fiction in your free time. Maybe you ran a zine in college. Maybe you have a catalogue of unedited, unpublished work just sitting on a hard drive somewhere. You need a jump start. This is it. 

The Free "Buffy" Syllabus
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Maybe you need a quick refresher course in some of the basics of writing. Maybe you are also, like me, a geek. A nerd. A nineties kid. If you're not interested in enrolling in a class right now or you don't have the time, this self-guided course is perfect for you. And's free. This creative writing refresher uses episodes of Buffy to help you get back in fighting shape. Or, you know...slaying shape. (I had to.)

Do you need a class, a workshop, or a college degree?
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How do you know what's best? Don't be too intimidated to research your options. (And beware the advice of well-meaning loved ones.) As someone who has undergrad, grad, and professional experience writing and teaching writing, I think I can help. 

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