"While sifting through some particularly bad material for the next issue, your Confessions of a Superhero article really stood out as being well written, well researched, and actually interesting to read...I've never written fan mail to a magazine contributor before, and you've inspired me to do it twice. I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you have a fan club, I'd like to join it."

Marcus Alexander Hart, Senior Editor
(Geek Monthly, Los Angeles)

"Just happened to check and see if the interview was up - and want to extend my compliments and appreciation for how it turned out. In every way, I feel it's the best piece about me and the work I do that I've ever seen. You are (literally, in this case) The Best!"

Corey Burton, Voice Actor
(Los Angeles)


"One final note: we heard nothing but rave reviews about Audrey’s workshop. Attendees were very happy with the presentation and one woman even said it was “worth the price of admission” for [the] convention."

Bethany Imondi, Educational Events Manager
(AAUW, Washington D.C.)

"Working with Audrey helped bring my writing up several notches in a short time. Her feedback is precise and honest, but not cutting or insulting. She [guided] my work to make it better. Because of working with her, I've written several short plays and frequently refer to notes taken during our time.  I recommend working with Audrey without hesitation."

Mike Carr, Artistic Director
(Improv Boston, Boston)


"Audrey has a knack for taking complex, obscure ideas and turning them into something streamlined and easily digestible. Her writing is clear, accessible, and professional. She's also a joy to work with - friendly, personable, and a pleasure to be around. If you have a chance to work with Audrey, do yourself a favor and book her before someone else does!"

Heather Leonardi, Director of Training
(Mursion, San Francisco)

"Audrey is always willing to 'step up to the plate', turning last-minute requests with ease and class! Her natural ability to turn text into inspiring copy is unquestionable. Above all else, Audrey is truly skilled at providing both a professional service with the warmth in customer care that is so hard to find!" 

Sally Whitemore, Communications Director
(Real Life, Orlando)

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