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Hi, I'm Audrey. I've been writing professionally since 2007 and this is where I once tap-danced to get new clients. But I've recently been taken off the market. Work married, as it were. So now I'm just going to tell it like it is. I'm a nerd. A big one. I write screenplays, comics, and essays. (But I have a deep, dark past in magazines. Print ones. Remember those? Egon was right.) 

I have my MA in creative writing and I've sold two screenplays. (both horror in a one-step deal) My work has appeared in Geek Monthly, on-air via public radio, and onscreen at the Los Angeles Comedy Festival. I've contributed to sites like Hello GigglesGeek Monthly, and FangirlBlog. Most recently, I received excellent coverage for my feature film script, Ruthie, from the Bentonville Film Festival.


Okay, but for real, a little work talk. I've also written and directed creative concepts, live shows, presentations, and video scripts for large corporate and not-for-profit clients. I also spent three years in the simulations industry designing and performing client intake, orientation, conflict resolution, and training scenarios for the United States Navy, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, ETS, and more.


This was...a lot, wasn't it? For my imposter syndrome and your patience. We did great. If you ever want to work together or just talk creativity, I'll buy you a pint for all the work you just did. 


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