This is a process blog. Messy first drafts that will end up published somewhere else. Thoughts on the writing process. In other words, it's a by-product. Hopefully, a helpful one.

*say this in Miss Piggy's voice*

Audrey (in her super-secret third-person) began writing professionally in 2007 for magazines like Geek Monthly, Attractions Magazine, Animation World and more. She produced and edited stories for Indiana Public Radio while earning her MA in creative writing. In 2009, she also began to independently produce theme park media for Theme Park Channel and Coaster Media.

After graduating in 2011, she wrote and directed for TV in Orlando, Florida and sold two screenplays in a one-step deal. She has also written and directed short films for LA Comedy Fest, the Spooky Empire Film Festival, the Short Sweet FilmFest and the Tampa Bay Film Festival. In 2015, she made it through round one of the national playwriting competition PlayFest.

From 2013 to 2016, she spent three years as a digital puppeteer in the burgeoning simulation industry in Florida and San Francisco. (If you imagine working in the holodeck, you're pretty close.) She created professional, clinical and academic simulation scenarios for TeachLive and Mursion. She also wrote client communications, training materials and assisted the Director of Training.

She is currently a contributor at Hello Giggles. You can also find her at Born For Geekdom and TMD Support.