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Sorry I haven't been around as often. April was a weird month. At the end of March, I found out a very dear friend passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. I also had a big work project I needed to travel to D.C. for and with all the stress in my personal life, I ended up sadding myself pretty sick.

Quickly, I wanted to share a few articles that have been published while I was away.

1. DC by Her Universe Activewear Round-Table Review at FangirlBlog.com

2. 10 Ways To Help The Environment on Earth Day at HelloGiggles.com

3. 8 Movies and TV Shows To Help You Feel Brave at HelloGiggles.com

I also found out I'll be on the editorial staff at an upcoming magazine! So yay! I'm also focusing on some life changes that will help me feel closer to my authentic self, a lot of which have to do with my career.

But I'm also still pretty sad. So, boo. How are you?

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