I'm Editing a Press Release Today

It's been a metaphorical minute and I'm really enjoying it. I also recently helped a company gather client testimonies, draft and edit their 2016 Year-In-Review packet before they sent it to their graphic designer.

My favorite designer to work with right now is Crystal Hutcheson. I go to her first when I need anything at all!

I'm having a blast being freelance again. I love the feeling of drafting something quickly, making edits and delivering a product into the hands of someone who would've otherwise spent a lot of time feeling stressed and outside their wheelhouse.

Being obsessive compulsive and fiercely independent by nature? Turns out it's an asset in the world of professional freelance writing. Neat, huh? The obsessive compulsive bit means I'm obsessed with the details of a document. (I even play a game with myself called "Get it 100% right the first time." I like clients to feel pleasantly surprised, proud and relieved.)

The independent part means it's a joy for me to spend time contacting people who have information I need. Years of experience as a freelance journalist mean I'm comfortable talking to anyone. (The game there is, "Leave them happier than you found them." Because I'm having fun and doing what I love, they're having fun exchanging information in a way that might otherwise feel laborious.)

Even though I graduated in 2011, my time in grad school for creative writing left me far more prepared to do professional writing for clients than I ever would've anticipated. Editing respects no boundaries of genre. So it turns out, if you can edit a book, you can edit a press release or a shareholder packet...pretty much anything.

As a wise man once said, if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.

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