4 Movies I Want To Make and 4 Actions I'm Taking To Get Them Made

One of my writing heroes,
Anita Loos.
In May, I left my really awesome, fancy job to return to writing full-time. 

I've been working on a handful of scripts ever since. Here are a few in-progress stories that I haven't shared. FYI, anything I share publicly is copyright registered (or pending registration) and registered with the WGA.

While you're here, I hope you'll also take a look at Ruthie, The Adventure Sisters and Leaves.

Welcome to my Logline Party...

Genre: Horror

Pitch: Neil Marshall-style monsters meet Lifeboat-style survival horror at the intersection of wilderness and widespread immigration panic. 

 A newly christened border patrol agent is forced to choose between protecting a group of immigrants illegally crossing from Mexico or allowing them to be overtaken by the literal monsters both governments have been secretly using.

Genre: Comedy

Pitch: The cinematic result of a Duplass Brothers/Hess Brothers collaboration about a strong, disabled black girl in a mega church.

A self-obsessed chronic bachelor encounters a surprising foe in a diminutive and disabled young black girl after he lies his way into a church to chase after a married worship singer.

Genre: Comedy

Pitch: Mean Girls meets church culture set in the nineties.

An agnostic loner teen at a mid-western high school in the nineties takes a risk on befriending several people from a small, conservative church when they invite her to a school lock-in.

Genre: Drama

Pitch: In development 

A formerly dysfunctional couple from Atlanta decides to reunite for one day only when they meet by accident in Indianapolis, Indiana.

So hire me. Buy one of my scripts. Represent me. Fund one of these as a comic or an independent film. I'm educated, I have a metric ton of experience and a truckload of ambition. And...

1. I've already protected my scripts by registering them with the U.S. Copyright Office as well as the Writers Guild. I've had stuff stolen before. It's awful. But I'm not going to let those experiences turn me into some angry loner. Writing and I are in the middle of a romantic comedy film plot, we love each other and everything is going to turn out beautifully in the end.

2. I'm building an audience. I'm putting a lot of energy into learning how to do that this fall, so people know where to find me.

3. I'm taking my cues from people like Andy Weir, who wrote his novel "The Martian" online while getting feedback and coverage from strangers on the internet. Sometimes you just have to put yourself and your ideas out there, quite literally.

4. I'm still going through official channels like writing contests, crowdfunding and submission processes. These official channels exist for a reason. They are almost always to a writer's benefit. They force you to revise. They stoke your competitive drive and give you something aspirational.

I'm also working on a live, interactive show tentatively titled Movie Therapy, a comic book titled Leaves and I'm working for Hello Giggles

I'm not looking for fame. But I am absolutely, unabashedly looking for an audience and continued financial solvency. I want to create high-quality finished works. I have no interest in writing in a vacuum. I came here to tell stories and chew bubblegum and I'm all out of bubblegum. 

If you see something here you like and you want to collaborate, let's do this. If you want to read more of my writing, let me know. Let's do something for a film festival or make something to sell, or, or, or...what do you think? 

Email me at audreymariebrown@gmail.com 


They say no man should be so shameless about his work. Ah, but...

And yeah, I am just nerdy enough to end a blog like that.

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