The Adventure Sisters - Screenplay

LOC & WGA info available on request.
UPDATE: Here's the fresh logline after the latest redraft.


A potentially delusional young woman calls her three adopted sisters back to their hometown to solve a crime related to the death of their father.

Pitch: If the Coen Brothers collaborated with Tina Fey on an action comedy and set their heroes loose on covert racism, you'd get Adventure Sisters.

Original Post

This September, I'm re-drafting my screenplay "The Adventure Sisters". While I can't share the full script right now, I can share the bizarro preview that kicked the whole thing off. (It's at the bottom of this blog.)

You can also listen to my writing soundtrack for The Adventure Sisters. Sometimes I also use Pinterest to build little tonal mosaics for a script.

What started as a simple writing exercise based on an old family photo of my sisters turned into an over-the-top action comedy I dream of Wes Anderson, Lynn Shelton or Nahnatchka Khan directing.

"The Adventure Sisters" is about four girls who were raised from birth to be super spies, stashed away undercover in the suburbs...and the normal family across the street. For now, anyway.

I'm a big fan of the redrafting process. I love to cut entire angles and characters during this phase to get at what I'm actually trying to say or to get closer to the heart of the story. (Which always matters more than plot.) Who knows what it will be by the end of September?

For the record, we grew up across the street from another family of girls, but they were wonderful people. I didn't even realize the small parallel, until, ironically, one of my sisters pointed it out. So for the record, our real-life neighbors are lovely and this script is complete fiction. That should go without saying because it's so ridiculous. But just in case it doesn't, I said it anyway.

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  1. Ummmm... I am obsessed with you and I need this to be a movie, like, now. Ok? Ok. Thanks.