Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner...Not Even Baby

The best article about Imposter Syndrome.
I fully admit, I've been using this blog to gather gumption lately. I'm gearing up to try something new. Along the way, I'm realizing that over the years, I've put Baby in the corner. What's worse? I'm also Baby.

My brilliant friend Heather recently educated me about Imposter Syndrome. And boy howdy...do I have it. And boy howdy am I not going to put up with it anymore. And boy howdy, do I say "boy howdy" too often.

Many of my creative friends have skipped this drama entirely. It's no coincidence they are also my most successful friends. I'm talking Marvel MCU successful. Hollywood successful. Fancy pantsuit successful.

They are the ones who can simply say, "This is what I want to do next, anyone on board?" Or, "I have an idea, here it is." For some reason, in the past, that's been really difficult for me. But nobody puts Baby in a corner...especially NOT BABY herself. Ya hear me? GET OUT OF THAT CORNER! (And maybe get a better nickname than "baby".)

Say it with me now, I'm not worse than everyone else on Earth. I have accomplished stuff. I am not an imposter.

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