Bustin' makes me feel good.

"It's our time."
I've already seen Ghostbusters twice. (Update: thrice.) I loved it. From the production company logos to the after-credits scenes, I loved the dialogue, action, story and cast.

I was once the toughest critic out there. Like, professionally. You know why? I was bitter. I wanted to be a filmmaker and I wasn't yet. I'll withhold the name of my organization because it was a positive experience overall and my attitude had less to do with them and more to do with my own low self-esteem. Getting preview passes to new releases was a dream-come-true for several years.

But last December, when the force awakened, so did I. My first viewing was fraught with excess emotion. I was so upset about Han Solo, I left the movie rage-fueled. While dressed as Han Solo. (Which is a step up from the way I exited Crystal Skull years ago, literally weeping. So...growth?)

Then came the online arguments. Because I didn't immediately hail the film as perfection, my fellow Star Wars fans branded me a "hater", said I didn't "get it" and honestly, the memory exhausts me too much to even list a third example.

I stayed off facebook, waited a few days, saw it again and thoroughly enjoyed it. Then I saw it four more times and reveled in the score, characterizations and design details. But I still don't think it's perfect. Because...brace yourself...nothing is. During those multiple viewings, I changed. It was subtle, really...a feeling I hadn't felt since...

Which brings me to Ghostbusters. Here's the thing about the filthy, roiling hot tub of so-called "controversy" that surrounded the movie. It's not that I need anyone to like the movie or even give it a chance. (Or, I don't know...see it before critiquing it?) I just don't care what anyone thinks anymore.

I like it. All of the sudden, that's enough for me. The urge to convince people of what's good or bad, the urge for them to understand how I feel about a movie, it's all just...gone. I'd rather spend my time and energy loving what I love and making my own stuff.

Not all movies are made for all people. (#notallmovies) And there is no perfect movie. If you have a stock-pile of negative criticisms that fill you with rage, maybe that's a signal you should be making a movie of your own. I say that entirely without sarcasm. I want you to use your voice. Make art. Do stuff. Respond to those emotions instead of reacting.

As for me, a woman who grew up loving movies, has sold two screenplays, made several shorts and intends to go on to make even more of both, THIS IS HOW IT FELT TO SEE AN ALL-FEMALE GHOSTBUSTERS!

I cordially invite you to go see Ghostbusters. Or don't. Or love The Force Awakens. Or don't. Or write a screenplay or make a movie or, or, or...

Do what you want. It's your time. And this is mine.

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