How To Survive Your First Celebrity Interview

Just do the opposite of what I did in this excerpt from my old blog about a time when I kind of blew it. 


Doug in Spectral Motion's incredible
Abe Sapien 
makeup and prosthetics.
I do this thing when I’m nervous. I slip into a sort of Pollyanna mode. I smile too much, like I have a slick of Vaseline over my teeth and can’t close my mouth. I get…peppy. Chipper. I say things like, “How do you do?” and accidentally mirror people’s way of speaking. 

I go into a similar trance when I embarrass myself. For example, when I was a freshman in college walking to my very first class, I took a tumble over the top of my brand new wooden clogs. (Because it was the year 2000 and wooden clogs just screamed sophistication. Dutch sophistication, I guess.) 

In an effort to make a quick recovery, I popped back up, held my scraped palms high in the touchdown symbol and yelled, “And she’s good!” at the top of my lungs while making eye-contact with passing students. This was my idea of a comeback. So you see, I'm no good when I'm nervous. And I was very nervous.

The consummate professional, Doug was kind and unswerving in the face of an interview I steered so far off-course, we could’ve discovered a new country. I asked him what his favorite ride was at Disneyland. I did my impression of Parker Posey. I suggested he play Danny Kaye in a biopic. 

At one point I literally asked him how he managed to be such a good actor and stay so humble. To which he replied, “Well, I can hardly answer that now can I?” though he did so with a genuine smile on his face. In my memory, he had a small touch of fear in his eyes. I hope that’s my self-conscious imagination at work.

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