Your October Writing Homework

Sometimes, you need to "fill the well". Writers should be reading other writers' work. Filmmakers should be watching (scads of) movies. Sometimes creative types lock themselves away in an attempt to be "serious" about their work.

With the exception of maybe working on a really specific project under deadline, this is NEVER a good idea. It makes you feel isolated and depressed when what creative people really need is fun and inspiration.

Blah, blah, blah. The point is, it's October! The most wonderful time of the year! (If you like spooky movies.) So I made you a gift, a list of 30 films and TV shows you can watch this month if you're looking for some Halloween fun.

Your homework is to watch at least one of the items on the list, then write a new scene from whatever you watched OR a short story featuring your favorite Halloween-related character.

Click on the image below for the list.

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