Your September Writing Homework

1. Pick a phrase or a word or a sentence. 

2. Google it, then click on "images".

3. Choose the fifth image from that search. 

4. Write about it. Any format. Any length. 

Or, as a friend recently challenged me, you can skip all that weird subterfuge and just choose an image that inspires you.

Edward Gorey is one of my all-time favorite artists. So I chose this image and wrote a poem about it. (And I'm not even a poet.) But thanks to this writing prompt, I had the gift of an image to work with and that tiny bit of prose at the bottom of the illustration.

I’m taking this for me, said she, while standing on the balcony.
No, balcony is incorrect. I think that I mean dock instead.

The party she has left behind, still rages daily in her mind.
It’s why she gets her words confused, like balcony and dock and you.

I’m taking this for me, said she, while gazing out upon the sea,

All briny, dark and shimmery. Her lily hands graze untouched knee.

I’ll take the boat and bottle too. I’ll take my dress and I’ll take you.
I've waited here so long, you see, through days and months and years indeed.

I’ll take the moonlight on the waves. I’ll take you with me, please be brave.
It’s true I don’t know how to row, or even in fact, where to go.

But if you’ll just get in the boat, though it may rock, she’ll surely float.
Perhaps we’ll land on foreign shore, though it may take a year or more.

Then I’ll have boat and bottle too, and foreign land and dress and you.

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