50 MUST SEE MOVIES I'm Afraid You Haven't Seen

I'm going to start blogging again. This is me, starting! I took a year and a half off. It was really healthy. I wanted to make art for a living, not critique it. I've course-corrected, so it's safe to muse again.

But I have shiny new rules for blogging:

1. It has to be about writing, specifically, what I call my "real" (professional) writing, babbling about my writing process or the writing industry.
2. Film is okay too, making it or watching it.
3. Comics are a green light, both writing them and reading them.
4. Teaching is also something I always seem to be doing whether I'm consciously trying to or not. I used to teach creative writing. I miss it. I often have a lesson plan spring to mind and nobody to teach to, so maybe I'll teach to you, internet people.

I even quit Facebook. For someone like me who pretty much needs constant validation, that's...tell me it was a good decision! I'm good, right? (See what I did there?)

To celebrate this shift in energy and effort, I made you a gift. It's a list of fifty movies you need to see. I didn't say they were the best movies. I didn't say they were my favorites. (Though lots of them are.) These are just movies I think you should see if you are alive and you like film. You should definitely see them if you intend to write film or make film.

Someday, I will reinstate weekly movie night at my house, and there shall be snacks and film discussions and carbonated beverages.

Until then, here are 50 MUST SEE MOVIES I'm Afraid You Haven't Seen