Old as Ghosts - Play Synopsis

I thought I'd share the synopsis for a play I'm currently writing.

UPDATE: The play is finished.
You can read scene 1 here. 
You can read about the lesson I learned while writing it here.

As a former blogger and journalist accustomed to over-sharing, going for months without speaking publicly on a project can really drain me.

(Personally, it makes me feel like a fraud. I might as well be sitting in The Overlook writing about the work and leisure habits of a man named Jack.)

Here's the elevator pitch at least so I don't go crazy...

OLD AS GHOSTS follows the inhabitants of a New York apartment building, living and dead. Events begin at Halloween and culminate during the time of year when “scary ghosts stories” are at their most powerful, Christmas eve.

Sam and Ralph are ghosts who spend their time arguing the merits of love without lust in the afterlife. Sam was a 1980's power broker. Ralph was an average-in-every-way college senior. (Undecided major, of course.) 

Sam and Ralph are experiencing a haunting of their own. Sarah is the annoying spirit of a plucky pioneer who enjoys torturing and terrifying Sam and Ralph with her highly advanced supernatural talents. The longer you’re dead, the better your knack for ghoulish terror and Sarah has been dead a LONG time. There’s also the needy, dramatic and depressed Lady in White and the ghost of a raptor (maybe? there are arguments about his species) that loves to interrupt important conversations.    

Sally and Eddie are a living couple in the middle of a nasty breakup. Sally’s best friend Bonnie (also a tenant in the building) provides moral support.

As Sally’s mental state begins to unravel in the wake of her breakup, on Halloween, the ghosts discover they can pool their energy, focus it and kill the living. 

Someone is going to die. But who and why?