Your July Writing Homework - Free Write (by hand, on paper) About Any Object On Your Desk for 1 Page

Don't correct it. Don't second guess it. Let the tense shifts fall where they may. Let it end abruptly if it must. Don't even think about getting it published.

Just pick an object and force yourself to say something, anything about it. At least one page, preferably handwritten.*

You may find that as you dig for information about the object, your subconscious kicks in to uncover something more meaningful. Mine found a lifelong pattern I've never thought to realize.

And I should warn you, it went to a dark place I didn't anticipate at all. You may want to skip this if you're emotionally sensitive.


Latest Freelance Articles

Sorry I haven't been around as often. April was a weird month. At the end of March, I found out a very dear friend passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. I also had a big work project I needed to travel to D.C. for and with all the stress in my personal life, I ended up sadding myself pretty sick.

Quickly, I wanted to share a few articles that have been published while I was away.

1. DC by Her Universe Activewear Round-Table Review at FangirlBlog.com

2. 10 Ways To Help The Environment on Earth Day at HelloGiggles.com

3. 8 Movies and TV Shows To Help You Feel Brave at HelloGiggles.com

I also found out I'll be on the editorial staff at an upcoming magazine! So yay! I'm also focusing on some life changes that will help me feel closer to my authentic self, a lot of which have to do with my career.

But I'm also still pretty sad. So, boo. How are you?


"Foolish Mortals" Haunted Mansion Documentary: A Conversation with the Producer and Director

Did you catch my interview with the team behind the upcoming Haunted Mansion documentary?

It posted a week ago on Inside the Magic. James H. Carter II and Ryan Grulich have a big announcement today, so now is a good time to catch up!

Grulich and Carter were a lot of fun to chat with, and best of all, they have a larger purpose behind their new doc. But you'll have to read the interview to find out what it is. Because yes, I'm just that click-baity.


New X-Files! Mulder and Scully Investigate The Haunted Mansion

Sick of waiting for more new "X-Files"? Me too. What's a girl to do? Write her own episode. Naturally.

Though I've enjoyed celebrating Fan Fiction Friday once a month, I've been less than pleased with my results. (Exception, the first round, which was Star Trek-based and therefore came fairly easy to me.)

This time, I decided to spend some more time on the story instead of treating it like a warm-up exercise.

Also, I recently did an interview with the producer and director of the Haunted Mansion documentary "Foolish Mortals". (Read it at Inside the Magic.) I figured there was no better way to honor the "spirit" of their film than by creating something new.

In the grand tradition of weird one-off, episodes like "The Ghosts Who Stole Christmas", "Triangle" and "Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster", I bring you my very own "X-Files" episode...

"Taken For a Ride"  


I'm Talking Trek for Fangirl Blog

You can read my article here or check out this excerpt below:

"As my rewatch began to unfold, I noticed an unexpected side effect, a healing, calming feeling. 

For every lighthearted episode – “Data’s Day”, anything with Q – I’m finding even more that don’t shy away from serious cultural commentaries. 

Star Trek has always imagined a better future, but it’s never asked us to buy into one where problems don’t exist. Instead, it shows the problems and how diplomacy, compassion and intelligence can solve them."

P.S. Here's some super nerdy Next Gen fanfiction I wrote. I always wanted a follow-up to the Moriarty episodes where a Holodeck Sherlock showed up instead of Data fulfilling the role.


New Professional Website - Coming Soon!

I've been in need of an update for a while, but I'm pretty psyched I finally carved out the time to get it done. It should be ready at the beginning of March at AudreyWrites.com 


I'm Editing a Press Release Today

It's been a metaphorical minute and I'm really enjoying it. I also recently helped a company gather client testimonies, draft and edit their 2016 Year-In-Review packet before they sent it to their graphic designer.

My favorite designer to work with right now is Crystal Hutcheson. I go to her first when I need anything at all!

I'm having a blast being freelance again. I love the feeling of drafting something quickly, making edits and delivering a product into the hands of someone who would've otherwise spent a lot of time feeling stressed and outside their wheelhouse.

Being obsessive compulsive and fiercely independent by nature? Turns out it's an asset in the world of professional freelance writing. Neat, huh? The obsessive compulsive bit means I'm obsessed with the details of a document. (I even play a game with myself called "Get it 100% right the first time." I like clients to feel pleasantly surprised, proud and relieved.)

The independent part means it's a joy for me to spend time contacting people who have information I need. Years of experience as a freelance journalist mean I'm comfortable talking to anyone. (The game there is, "Leave them happier than you found them." Because I'm having fun and doing what I love, they're having fun exchanging information in a way that might otherwise feel laborious.)

Even though I graduated in 2011, my time in grad school for creative writing left me far more prepared to do professional writing for clients than I ever would've anticipated. Editing respects no boundaries of genre. So it turns out, if you can edit a book, you can edit a press release or a shareholder packet...pretty much anything.

As a wise man once said, if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.